about us

who we are and what we are doing

We are a technology company with headquarters in Munich and have specialized in testing and validating vehicle technologies. We are currently more than 450 employees in the international group.

With our own hardware and software solutions and in a close cooperation with our customers, we are successful delivering results. Our company culture is innovation. Our focus is willing to learn and collaboration.

Our creative software developers, engineers and technicians ensure a productive and varied working environment when developing components and networks, when designing and prototyping or when testing and evaluating our own products or the future automotive control units of tomorrow.
If you are also interested in new technologies and fascinated by the progress of the automotive industry, you have come to the right place. Support us in developing the vehicles for our common future.


current open positions

Softwareentwickler C++ (m/w/d) für Frameworks zur virtuellen Absicherung von Automotive Ethernet Systemen
München, Germany Software Infrastructure
Linux IT-Systemadministrator (m/w/d) mit Option auf Teamleitung
München, Germany Software Infrastructure
Embedded Software Entwickler (m/w/d) für Automotive E/E Produkte
München, Germany R & D Products
Integrationstester (m/w/d) von vernetzten Fahrzeugfunktionen für Embedded Steuergeräte
München, Germany Functional Testing
Systementwickler (m/w/d) für elektronische Produkte/Systeme im Automotive
München, Germany Systems Engineering and Consulting
Techniker (m/w/d) für unsere elektronischen HIL-Test-Systeme
Garching, Germany Production and HIL-Systems
Werkstudent (m/w/d) mehrere Möglichkeiten in Embedded Software, IT und Testing
München, Germany whole company
Berufseinstieg Trainee Programm
München, Germany whole company
Ausbildung zur Kauffrau für Büromanagement (m/w/d) Start 09/2021
München, Germany Administration


a brief selection of what we are offering you

  • We offer you a long-term, secure job with fair salaries.
  • You can be also on-site active at our customers' premises with your finger on the trigger of the future in automotive electronics development
  • We offer learning & development programs for all employees (certificates, management, subject-specific).
  • You always have a lot of freedom of choice in handling your projects.
  • We are able to build a suitable device or tool ourselves at any time in order to be able to carry out our projects better.
  • You occasionally drive the test vehicles (Erlkönig) in test cases in the city and on the test track.
  • We all work in modern workplaces and with new work tools. A notebook and 2 monitors are standard with us.
  • You can record your flexible working hours remotely and usually also work in the home office.
  • We organize various company events, such as summer parties, Christmas parties, team events, visits to the Oktoberfest.

our Management

Joseba Rodriguez Martinez CEO & Founder
Joseba founded Technica Engineering GmbH in 2008 and started to offer engineering services in the field of electronics development for automotive. Technica Group has since grown to over 450 employees and has been offering its own products for over 10 years. (left side of the picture)

Thomas Königseder CEO & CTO
Thomas has become part of Technica Engineering GmbH since 2017 and is primary focused on our technical topics. His experience in the development of state-of-the-art control units and communication systems for vehicles is an important contribution to the success of Technica Engineering GmbH. (middle of the picture)

Mohamed Majdoub member of the board
Mohamed is supporting Technica Engineering GmbH mainly in the area of testing systems and control devices. He brings over 20 years of experience as an engineer in the automotive sector and is supporting Technica Engineering GmbH in reaching the next level in testing. (Right in the picture)

our Team

The people in our company

Gruppenleiter Resident Engineering
Head of Products and R&D Department
Leiter Software Infrastruktur
Abteilungsleiter Einkauf, Konstruktion & Verwaltung
Chief Testing Officer
Head of System Engineering & Concepts
Leitung Sound Design
Technical Fellow
Technical Fellow


    A very important and up-to-date topic in the car construction industry are the quantities and speed of data. Because a car is more a computer than it is just a car, an enormous amount of data has to be conveyed. We work on technical solutions to enable data interferences in the 10-gigabit range.

    The ultimative data bus in the automobile of the future. We are technological pioneers in the field of „Automotive Ethernet“ for instance and have assisted BMW in the introduction of Automotive Ethernet in their vehicles in 2012.

    We test the control devices of our customers in the laboratory or directly in the vehicle. This also means driving the test vehicles in the city and on test tracks. You will be able to drive the legendary „Erlkönig“ (pretest vehicle).


    Some of our projects are in the fields of testing and test development of control devices for future driver assistance systems. We are testing if a vehicle can drive autonomously and get to drive the „Erlkönig“ ourselves.


    We develop and manufacture our own electronic products which we use as tools in testing projects or for our customers. The devices are being developed and tested in-house before start of production.


    We test and develop tests for our customers regarding all control devices inside an automobile. We are always in the tune of times and can become acquainted with the newest technical devices and line of products, usually in the pre-stage of the product development.


    We consult some of our clients in the optimizing and testing of their carsharing products. Our carsharing department tests all features, like the mobile network for instance, inside the vehicle. Most of the time we get to work with interesting pretest vehicles, which we can also test in road tests.


    We are consulting some of our customers in the field of ASD for vehicles with and without combustion engines. This is how driving noises can be enhanced or be noticed in the first place. 

"We are understanding a car the same like a network"

Joseba Rodriguez
CEO, Technica Engineering GmbH

Success is not about job titles but the result of working together on something far greater. Something that lasts. Something that creates impact and leaves a footprint.

Roman Pakhomov
Chief Testing Officer, Technica Engineering GmbH

our trainee program

start your career as trainee in different technical departments with us

We offer technical university / technician graduates the opportunity to gain experience as trainees with us. Often we can then offer a permanent position as a junior engineer.

  • Duration limited to 6 months with 40h / week.
  • Working in a technical department as a full team member. You will learn to program in real projects or to develop and test hardware or to know the specific requirements of the most important bus systems and much more.
  • Mentoring program by an experienced teammate.
  • Development meetings and future planning.
  • Possible next step: Junior Engineer in a permanent position.
Please contact us for further details about a general application as a trainee. We are pleased to be able to offer you a way to start your career.

our locations

in the Technica Engineering group, we can rely on an international companies network

Technica Engineering plc USA

our business unit in USA, Michigan

Technica Electronics Barcelona

business unit for R&D of electronic devices and products

open Jobs in Barcelona you can find here: https://technicaelectronics.recruitee.com/

Primatec Tunesien

business unit for engineering and testing, development and consulting

Garching 2

business unit for engineering and services, installation and production of our tools and products

Garching 1

business unit for production, logistics, controlling and human ressources.

Hauptquartier Leopoldstraße

our headquarter, main location for management, administration, engineering, testing, software development and prototyping.


wir leben bei Technica Engineering eine DUZ-Kultur

Lieber Besucher unserer Karriereseite,

wir möchten Ihnen gerne das Du anbieten.

Wir sprechen Sie auf unserer Karriereseite selbstverständlich höflich mit dem "Sie" an, leben aber innerhalb unserer Firmengruppe eine sehr flache Hierarchie und damit auch die DUZ-Kultur. Bei uns wird der Chef von jedem geduzt und umgekehrt genau so. Daher würden wir uns freuen, Dich schon bald innerhalb unseres Firmennetzwerkes als Kollegin/Kollegen (m/w/d) mit dem Vornamen zu begrüßen, aber bis dahin verbleiben wir mit Ihnen auf der höflichen Umgangsform, - per Sie.
Bitte wundern Sie sich auch nicht, wenn einige Stellenausschreibungen auf Du formuliert sind, das soll bewusst so sein.

Contact our talent acquisition

just get in touch with us

If you have any further questions about us or want to inquire about specific topics relating to recruiting, careers and job advertisements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our contact person for all your questions is at your disposal.

Moritz Schmid
Head of Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding  

Tel.: +4989200072419
E-Mail: moritz.schmid@technica-engineering.de 

"More than just Testing"

Sabeur Ajili
Technica Engineering GmbH